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Meet our Team: Josh & Matt

Meet our Production & Estimation Manager - Josh, and Young Grasshopper - Matt in this month's introductions to our team


Suspensions - it is your choice

There are several types of licensed building practitioner (LBP) licensing suspensions: voluntary, relicensing, or disciplinary. Voluntary suspensions are by choice, but relicensing or disciplinary suspension happens as a result of your actions as an LBP.


The Apprentice Diary: Entry #15

It’s a funny old business, the building trade, we all strive to work smarter and more efficiently, while putting in a hard day’s work. So, when someone makes a mistake, I’m not sure why it can turn into a great opportunity for p#ss taking.


Getting paid

Eight ways to load the odds in your favour.


Meet our Team: Charlie & Paul

Meet our Yardman - Paul, and Top Dog - Charlie in this month's introductions to our team


Learning opportunities and tools for LBPs

As an LBP, keeping up to date with the latest information is paramount to running a successful business. We are lucky in New Zealand as there are lots of opportunities and tools to learn and grow your business as long as you know where to look! This article is the third and final article tying quantity surveying to being an LBP.


The cost of cybercrime to construction businesses is growing fast

Have you taken the simple steps needed to protect your identity, email, banking and business data from identity thieves, hackers or ransomware?


Ebert Construction – the new retentions rules get mixed results

The new retention rules came into force in 2017 and their first big test came when Ebert Construction Ltd. went into receivership in July 2018. Geoff Hardy, a commercial lawyer, looks at how the rules performed - what went right and what went wrong.


Meet Our Team: Mark and Gillian

Meet Customer Service Rep - Mark, and Key Account Manager - Gillian, in this month's introductions to our team


Don’t get caught out with a capital gains tax

Property is a favoured investment in New Zealand due to the historical solid growth and given New Zealand’s lack of a broad-based capital gains tax (at least historically), these gains have often been derived tax free.


Meet Our Team: Bruce and Aaran

Meet Estimator - Bruce, and Customer Service Rep - Aaran, in this month's introductions to our team


What does public liability insurance cover?

This is probably the most common question we get at Builtin. And it’s crucial for builders to know the answer. Depending on who your policy is with, there are things public liability doesn’t cover that you need to be aware of.


The Apprentice Diary: Entry #14

That’s it, done and dusted. After 4 months, my first new build is complete. It’s been a great learning curve for me, working on a house from bottom to top, previously I had only done reclads and extensions.


Top 10 business mistakes

As a business coach working exclusively with trades, here are the 10 biggest mistakes I find tradies are making (not necessarily in this order).


Should builders be paid to teach apprentices?

The critical shortage of skilled tradespeople is not unique to New Zealand. It’s a worldwide problem, forcing governments and skills training organisations to try innovative new strategies to get more hands on the tools.


Meet Our Team: Harry & Jody

Meet Customer Service Rep - Harry, and Hiab Driver - Jody, in this month's introductions to our team


Meet Our Team: Caitlin & Darius

Meet Personal Assistant - Caitlin, and Shop Assistant - Darius, in this month's introductions to our team


Builders’ warranties – what are they, and how long do they last?

In law, a warranty is simply a promise or an undertaking that is given to you by someone you have contracted with. For example, a builder warrants to his client that his work complies with the building code. If that promise or undertaking turns out not to be correct, the client can sue the builder for compensation.


Five ways to protect your reputation as you grow

You’ve built up a good reputation. You don’t want to lose it.


The Apprentice Diary: Entry #17

Uh oh, it’s happened, I’ve had my first major balls-up, and it annoyingly involved concrete too!