Builders Crack


The unique features of portable home manufacturing

Portable home manufacture is just another form of prefabrication - by which I mean manufacture off-site. We’ve been doing it for centuries, of course, but only to a limited extent. Now with the increasing emphasis on higher productivity and lower cost of building, prefabrication is being seen as the primary solution.


Tips on LBP ID cards

Anyone can ask to see evidence of your LBP licence at any time so it pays to keep the photo current and always carry your LBP ID card with you when on the job.


Employment disputes can be very expensive – how to do it right

Earlier this year a builder who resigned following a heated argument with his boss was awarded more than $17,000 by the Employment Relations Authority. The Authority found despite the employee resigning, his employer breached employment law, including failure to keep holiday pay and leave records, pay annual holiday pay and failing to provide an employment agreement. They were ordered to pay $12,000 in penalties for breaching employment law and $5,000 plus 5 per cent interest in unpaid and underpaid holiday pay.


Keeping your records straight

It's important to provide your Record of Work on completion of Restricted Building Work.


A view from the Building Practitioners Board

The 2019 Annual Report of the Building Practitioners Board shows that the number of complaints against LBPs is low but there are trends we can learn from.


What building laws (if any) apply to boatbuilders?

Boat building is a specialised form of carpentry and joinery, but you don’t think of it as building or construction in the traditional sense. Nevertheless, there are just as many risks associated with boat building as there are with designing and constructing buildings that might leak, or collapse on you, or catch fire.


Are slow times coming for tradies?

As you read this, keep in mind I’m a business coach, not an economist. I’m sharing what will help you as a trades business owner in this new season.


App helps tradies to fight tool theft

Kiwi thieves will find stealing work tools a little harder thanks to an Aussie mother of four who created an app to foil their plans.