Builders Crack


Plyscrapers reaching for the sky

Concrete and steel have been the traditional go-to materials for large multi storey structures for many decades, but in recent times, engineered timber has challenged the status quo in spectacular ways.


Meet Our Team: Caitlin & Darius

Meet Personal Assistant - Caitlin, and Shop Assistant - Darius, in this month's introductions to our team


Builders’ warranties – what are they, and how long do they last?

In law, a warranty is simply a promise or an undertaking that is given to you by someone you have contracted with. For example, a builder warrants to his client that his work complies with the building code. If that promise or undertaking turns out not to be correct, the client can sue the builder for compensation.


Five ways to protect your reputation as you grow

You’ve built up a good reputation. You don’t want to lose it.


The Apprentice Diary: Entry #17

Uh oh, it’s happened, I’ve had my first major balls-up, and it annoyingly involved concrete too!


Meet our Team: Murray & Dan

Meet our Truck Driver - Murray, and Sales Rep - Dan in this month's introductions to our team


Meet our Team: Matt & Grant

Meet our Truck Driver - Matt, & Account Manager - Grant in this month's introductions to our team


How to navigate career breaks as an LBP

A break from work can happen due to circumstances outside your control, and you may not always know how long you will be off work for.


Report reveals alarming rates of construction worker suicide in NZ

The release of a report into suicides of construction industry workers has highlighted the need for all parts of the industry to work together to support the mental health of workers.


Will builders be responsible for product failure under proposed changes to the building act?

MBIE are working on some changes to the Building Act across several different areas. One of those is to include in the Act the regulation of building products and methods.


Seven ways to wow clients and dominate your niche

It sounds so easy: Go out on your own. Provide excellent service. Get happy clients, referrals, repeat work, 5-star reviews, and a reputation as one of the best.


Looking at health and safety from a different angle

Airborne contaminants are a serious health risk due to high levels of exposure, particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. Regularly breathing in airborne contaminants can cause serious damage to your health. Unfortunately, by the time it is noticed, the total damage done may already be serious and life changing.


When are your retentions payable if you have been booted off the site?

Retentions are a common feature of commercial construction contracts, and some residential construction contracts. They are deducted from each payment claim and paid out at the end of the project, to create a financial incentive for the contractor to complete all unfinished work and rectify all identified defects after he has completed the bulk of his work and has been paid for it.


Yet more obligations on builders?

MBIE are currently reviewing aspects of New Zealand’s building system. Part of this review includes how risk is allocated across the various players in the sector


Keep it clean, keep it stable

Sometimes it’s the humble broom which can be a hazard on a worksite.


The Apprentice Diary: Entry #18

So the past couple of months have been interesting, as I’ve worked on three of our main residential sites, one new build, a large pop top, and a reclad.


Meet our Team: Michael & John

Meet our Manufacturing & Estimating Manager - Michael, & Account Manager - John in this month's introductions to our team


Meet Our Team: Tanya and Nigel

Meet our Customer Service - Tanya, & Account Manager - Grant in this month's introductions to our team


Meet Our Team: Kim and Pat

Meet our Office Manager - Kim, & Customer Service Rep - Pat in this month's introductions to our team


Building Law Reforms

The aim of the building law reforms is to make the building system more efficient, lift the quality of building work, and provide fairer outcomes if things go wrong.