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Estimating how many hours the job will take: why 83% get it wrong

How often have you quoted a job but ended up losing on it, because the hours blew out? It happens to everyone once in a while… but get this wrong too often, and you won’t be very profitable.


7 tips to avoid an unpleasant surprise at Christmas

It's easy to forget things when you're thinking about Christmas and the holidays, as well as rushing to finish off projects for demanding customers. Here are seven things to remember before you put your feet up and enjoy your well-earned break.


The unique features of portable home manufacturing

Portable home manufacture is just another form of prefabrication - by which I mean manufacture off-site. We’ve been doing it for centuries, of course, but only to a limited extent. Now with the increasing emphasis on higher productivity and lower cost of building, prefabrication is being seen as the primary solution.


Tips on LBP ID cards

Anyone can ask to see evidence of your LBP licence at any time so it pays to keep the photo current and always carry your LBP ID card with you when on the job.