Ahead on Tech

Belkin, a company that specialises in modern connectivity technology has added to its ‘appcessory’ range of WeMo products. Not sure what a WeMo switch is? You’re about to find out.

The WeMo Switch can be controlled by the free WeMo app for Android and iOS devices. Users can turn electronics on or off from any location, using a home Wi-Fi network or mobile internet. The range is completely modular and allows users to control as much or as little of their home as they like. The WeMo Light Switch uses the same principles as the WeMo Switch, allowing users to turn household lights on and off from anywhere.

What’s more?  WeMo Baby works with the free WeMo Baby smartphone app, so babies can be listened to with clear digital sound from anywhere. WeMo Baby also offers the capability of allowing multiple users to listen simultaneously on any iOS (v5 or higher) device. There is also the option of upgrading to the premium app to receive ‘cry notifications’ as well as access a baby’s ‘cry history’.  Technology huh!

If you found that impressive - Belkin’s WeMo Switch + Motion home remote and motion sensor work together to allow users to use motion to turn almost anything in the house on or off. Have a light go on when you enter a room, have a heater go off when you leave.

These products are revolutionising the way we live our lives, making everything much more convenient. The WeMo range is set to further expand in the future, with more products for the connected home. The full Belkin range can be found at www.belkin.com/au