Build Easy Workplace Policies

Build Easy Workplace Policies

Build Easy Workplace Policies

You can’t expect staff to follow the rules if they don’t know and understand them. So and Employment NZ have launched the Workplace Policy Builder to help you create policies tailored to your business.

Policies set out the house rules for your workplace. Together with an employment agreement, they’re a great foundation for employment relationships.

Why Have Policies?

Policies tell your workers what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you.

Using this tool to create policies will save your business time and money, and help build great relationships with staff. It will also help you comply with your obligations as an employer and reduce misunderstandings that can lead to disputes.

DIY With Ease

The tool guides you through the steps to create policies tailored to your business. A policy can be as short or as detailed as you need.

You can save draft policies part way through and return to them any time. Once you're happy with a finished policy, email it to yourself.

At every step, the tool offers information, tips and ways to avoid common mistakes to help you decide what you need in the policy.

Once you have your policies, pop back from time to time to check new ones added.

Check it out now at:

Workplace Policy Builder (WPB) – FAQ

1. What is included in the new tool?

Three workplace policies have been launched to start with:

Flexible work policy

IT and social media policy

Leave and holidays policy

2. How will the content be kept up to date? will continue to work closely with Employment NZ and MBIE Policy as new employment laws are developed and make sure WPB is kept updated. Users will be notified of any material updates to policies via the

3. Who is the tool designed for?

WPB is designed primarily for small businesses with staff. Because the tool also features guidance material explaining its clauses, it can also be used by staff to learn about workplace policies and check specific clauses in their policies.

4. What is makes business easier, by bringing together advice and guidance from across government and the private sector, all in one place, all designed for small businesses.

WPB is a good example, by making it easy to create legally correct workplace policies that will also improve your team’s performance.‚Äč