Choosing a Generator

Inverter or conventional?

Inverter or conventional?

An inverter generator is normally used when powering sensitive electronic equipment. For example, laptops, TVs and phones and charging devices, and also in caravans and camping expeditions.

The more traditional style conventional generators that are powered by gasoline engines are most commonly used for power tools, and back-up power for homes and industrial use. All generators also have a maximum and rated wattage output.

GT POWER Generators are designed to provide super smooth output at their maximum rating for up to half an hour. Rated power is the level where the generator can be operated continuously and is typically 90 per cent of maximum power.

Below you'll find an easy guide to help choose the best generator for your needs.

1. Firstly, list all items requiring power simultaneously.

2. Then add up the running wattage requirements for all items.

3. Add to that total the highest of the starting wattages you listed down. This total must be less than the generator’s rated running power output.

4. Lastly, identify the device with the highest starting power demand in Watts. Add this value to the running power demands of the other devices.

This total must be less than the generator’s rated starting power output.