Dayle ITM - Feature Products: June 2015

Insulation Installer: Pink FitĀ® & Reinforcing Steel - Euro Corporation

Insulation Installer: Pink Fit®

Insulating a home is the single most effective measure anyone can take to keep their home warm - and to save money on energy bills while protecting every room from cold, heat and noise. 

Dayle ITM is proud to partner with Pink® Batts®  to ensure you get the most competitive deal on an insulation solution for every part of your house – from the top to the bottom and everywhere in between. 

When it comes to installation preferred Pink® Batts®  installers PinkFit® are a network of quality, professional installation specialists recommended by Dayle ITM. Once the Pink Fit® installation has been approved by the job supervisor or quality auditor, the Pink Fit® issues the customer with a PinkFit® Home Insulation Installation Guarantee certificate, giving you peace of mind.

Contact Dayle ITM about your next order of Pink® Batts® and the installation of these by Pink Fit® today.

Reinforcing Steel - Euro Corporation

Whether you call it steel wire, rods, reo or rebar – your need for accurately cut and bent Eurosteel reinforcing steel stays the same.  
Euro Corporation is a 100% New Zealand owned manufacturer and distributor of trade quality steel and wire products for use in the rural and construction sectors.

Dayle ITM and Euro Corporation are committed to bringing you the highest level of custom cut steel fabrication.

Talk to Dayle ITM about an order fabricated to your exact requirements; in correct lengths, using the correct minimum bend diameter and the hassle of dealing with wastage are all problems of the past.