Dulux App

Dulux has released details on a new augmented reality app, which can be used to pan around a room using the camera on any mobile device and is able to detect the difference between wall space, furniture and fixtures and then paint around contours, also recognising light changes in the room. A masking tape feature also allows users to 'tape off' sections of the wall. Users can experiment with up to 1,200 paint colours featured within the Dulux range and order a tester pot from within the app itself or tins of paint from Dulux's website.

Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford says the Dulux Visualizer app “is a really exciting step forward and will go a long way to encouraging people to experiment and have fun with colour without the worry of making the wrong colour choice." 


Details on the app can be found here: https://www.dulux.co.uk/app/