Heads Up: Price Increases


Roundwood                            House Piles & Poles Increase by 10%
Croft Poles                             House Piles Increases by 6%
Simpson Strong-Tie               Increases 3-5%
Hayden                                    Brush-Ware Increases by 6%
HPM NZ                                 Electrical Products Increase by 4%
Eurosteel                                 Reinforcing bar to be increased by 3.5%, Fastenings, Gates and Y Posts to be increased by 4.75%
Permapine                             Posts & Poles Increases 10%


USG Boral                             Increases 4-8%
CSR Hebel                            AAC Panel products and accessories Increase 2%
Miles Nelson                          Door Handles and security fittings range increases 10%
Superior Doors                      Increase 4% across the range
Tasman Insulation                 Greenstuff range to increase 3%
NZ Bricks                               Schist and Baalt products to be increased 7.5%
ITW Proline                            Paslode range to increase 5%
PSP                                       Suntuf and Tufclad ultra to be increased by 10%
Steel & Tube                           Sheet, Pipe, structural, steel, chain to increase 6-10%