Heads up: Price Increases

Right team, we're taking price increases on the following products over the coming month. Here's what we know so you can plan ahead 👍

May 2018:

Niagara                                Approx 4.5 - 5.5%
Max Birt                               Approx. 6%                      
James Hardie                      Up to. 4%                   
Carter Holt Timber               Approx. 7%        
Carter Holt Ply                     Approx. 6%                
OTC                                     Approx. 6%                                      
Rosvall                                 Approx 6-7%                              
Redstag                               Approx 2-7%                              
Toolware                              Approx 4-8%                           
Pukepine                             Up to 6%
Winstone (GIB)                   Up to 4%