Health and Safety Toolkit

Just because the job is small doesn’t mean the risks are too. WorkSafe New Zealand research shows that smaller constructions sites account for the highest number of work-related deaths in the construction industry.

Why are small sites riskier? There could be a number of reasons:

Maybe their margins are lower and more often corners are cut; or people are trying to do too many jobs at once and end up attempting work that is outside of their skill-set. It could even come down to a lack of awareness about health and safety, and a lack of planning.

Whatever the reason, WorkSafe wants to help you guys better manage risks on your site. They've developed the Absolutely Essential Health and Safety Toolkit for Small Construction Sites. It’s a starter course in the basics of good health and safety practice which you can slip into your back pocket, and keep handy to use again and again.

Over the course of this year, the ITM Building Business magazine will cover a range of topics covered in the Toolkit. Last month we covered general management. In this month's issue ITM looks at an example Site and Services Checklist.