LBP Training Update

A big thanks to everyone who has been attending our LBP Training evenings! Commencing in June we will be holding our LBP sessions every other month.

Our next training evening will be held this month - So make sure the details below are in your diary. We look forward to seeing you here:

WHERE: Dayle ITM - 713 Rosebank Road
WHEN: 17th June 2015, 6pm
RSVP: or call 828 9791 ext 707

There have been many changes to the Building Act this year and there are still more to come! Our LBP Training sessions supply you with essential tools to ensure you comply with the new building laws, and of course make sure you understand them.

Our sessions also include technical discussions from leading suppliers, PLUS speciality talks from top business people. This month we have speakers from Senco, Winstones, CHH and Smith & Partners.

To top it all off, our training evenings work towards helping you meet your LBP requirements by giving you points towards your certification. Come along and get stuck in - We'll see you right!