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Safety nets are now common place on building sites throughout the country.



Safety nets are now common place on building sites throughout the country. WorkSafe NZ has worked with suppliers and installers to create FASNA.

Established in mid-2015, some of the objectives of FASNA are to:

  • Investigate the needs of the industry, and to represent, promote and further interests of the industry as a whole;
  • Establish clearly defined Standards and Codes of Practice for members that promote the highest possible quality and consistency of safety net installation works;
  • Be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on all aspects of the safety netting profession.

BENEFITS TO BUILDERS: Although the use of safety nets has become increasingly popular with builders over recent years, there is still a need to continue to educate and advise on the best practices for the installation and use of nets.

FASNA is available to assist builders with their understanding of how the net system works, and what they should look for when engaging a contractor to supply, install and certify a net system on their individual projects.

FASNA will also advise on the “Do’s and Don’ts“ for builders once nets have been installed to ensure that the net system is able to perform as designed should it be called into use, such as:

  • Don’t walk in or work from the net;
  • Don’t tamper with or untie the net;
  • Do not attempt to reinstall net themselves – ensure that a certified installer is engaged to carry out any remedial works, and then rectify the system again.

FALL ARREST SAFETY NETS ASSOCIATION (FASNA): Safety nets are now common place on building sites throughout the country. WorkSafe NZ has worked with suppliers and installers to create FASNA.

CAN I GET INSURANCE FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY BREACHES? The Health & Safety at Work Act specifically states that you can’t insure for health and safety fines. However, Statutory Liability Insurance is available to cover the legal costs if a PCBU is prosecuted for a breach of the law.

It will also cover the cost of reparations awarded to an injured party by a judge. Directors and officers of a PCBU can also now be found personally liable for health & safety failings. In most cases the PCBU’s statutory liability insurance will also cover its employees, directors and officers. However you should check the specific wording of your policy.

In some cases a separate cover, called Directors and Officers Liability (or Management Liability), is recommended. Once again, although fines & penalties cannot be insured, the legal costs of defending a prosecution are covered.

For more information click here to contact Craig Daly (FASNA Chairman)