Meet Our Team: Caitlin & Darius

Meet Personal Assistant - Caitlin, and Shop Assistant - Darius, in this month's introductions to our team

Meet Caitlin, Deb & Martin's Personal Assistant

Say hi to Caitlin 🙋Having practically grown up in-store, Caitlin truly is a 'member of the family' here at Dayle ITM. She's a part-time Personal Assistant to Deb and Martin, taking on a bit of a role reversal to try and keep her parents in line 😋 

Like any teenager, she says her special skills include... Sleeping! But we know for a fact, there's plenty more talent than that in this team member. She's as motorsport mad as the rest of us, and gets a kick out of helping the team with whatever's required. To be honest, this place wouldn't be the same without you Cait. 

Meet Darius, our Shop Assistant

Ay ay Captain! If you've been in to the store, then you'll recognise this fella. 

Darius Davoodi (aka Captain), has been a shop assistant with us here for around 2 years. His favourite thing about the job is the great friends here at Dayle ITM, he loves talking rugby, and tuning in to the good 'ol talkback on NewstalkZB.

Darius tells us his special talent is that he's secretly Joey from Friends. We're not sure whether that's because he's a hit with the ladies, can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds or likes pizza and comics. Maybe all of the above?

Either way, give him a 'How you doin?' and find out next time you're in store!