Meet our Team: Charlie & Paul

Meet our Yardman - Paul, and Top Dog - Charlie in this month's introductions to our team


Meet Charlie, our Pawsome Pal 🐶

Arguably the most popular member of our team, it's CHARLIE. Definitely the best looking. This guy always has a pawsitive attitude and welcomes everyone to Dayle ITM with a smile... And maybe a little slobber.

There's never a ruff day when this golden boy is around. Who else loves seeing Charlie around the yard? Give him a belly scratch next time you're here and you'll be mates furever.

Meet Paul, our Yardman 

Say hey to Paul 👋 If you've ever pulled into our yard, then you've probably seen this bloke around. Paul's a born-and-bred Aucklander and has been with our Dayle ITM team for around 2 years now. Like a lot of the team here, he's car mad, and of course held childhood dreams of becoming a supercar driver. While Paul reckons he's a gun behind the wheel, you may not know he's also got mad skills when it comes to drawing #hiddentalent

Next time you see Paul ask him what his nickname - FPY - stands for! 😎