Meet our Team: Josh & Matt

Meet our Production & Estimation Manager - Josh, and Young Grasshopper - Matt in this month's introductions to our team


Meet Josh, our Production & Estimation Manager

This is Josh, our Production & Estimation Manager. When he joined us in 2012, we knew he'd fit in just fine - after all, he's motorsport mad and listens to the Rock. He's also big on family. As you know, so are we, and we’re proud to have Josh as a part of ours! 

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Meet Matty, our Young Grasshopper

He's been kicking about with us since day dot, learning the value of our work-hard-play-hard approach. When it comes to fancy footwork though, the apprentice becomes the master ⚽ Signature move: the bicycle kick. 

Don't worry though - no child labour here. Matt's just learning the ropes of what it takes to be part of the Dayle ITM family. Say hey to our youngest apprentice next time you catch him on the yard or in the shop!