Meet our Team: Murray & Dan

Meet our Truck Driver - Murray, and Sales Rep - Dan in this month's introductions to our team

Meet Murray, our Truck Driver

🚚 TOOT TOOT 🚚 Meet Muzza, one of our resident truck drivers with a whopping 14 years service on the clock!
Miles covered: too many to count (same with # of hours in Akl traffic)
Favourite sport: rugby league
Top team: His Dayle one, of course!
Give Muzza a honk and a 🤙 next time you see him on the road 👋

Meet Dan, our Sales Rep

Here's a familiar face! As a Dayle ITM sales rep, chances are your path has crossed with Dan. He jokes that his favourite hobby is work, but after 15 years with us and counting, there must be some truth to it 💚