Tips on LBP ID cards

Anyone can ask to see evidence of your LBP licence at any time so it pays to keep the photo current and always carry your LBP ID card with you when on the job.

Under the Building Act, licensed building practitioners (LBPs) must produce evidence of being licensed when asked. Identification (ID) cards are a simple way to verify your identity as an LBP. You can also use your licensing confirmation letter from the Registrar as evidence, but this is less practical when working on site.

ID cards provide easy proof

Anyone is entitled to ask to see evidence of your licence. It is an offence to fail to produce this evidence, so make sure you have a way of demonstrating your licence status.

If someone asks to see your licence, they may just be doing their due diligence, so there is no need to be offended or worry that they doubt your ability as a tradesperson.

Replace lost, stolen or damaged cards

To replace your card, you will need to complete a Personal Details and Replacement ID form. The charge for a replacement card is $50.

The Personal Details and Replacement ID form (PDF) is available on the LBP website

You will also automatically receive a new licence card when you relicense.

Update your ID photo occasionally

Currently, there is no time limit for how long you can keep your ID photo. When you relicense, we will automatically use the photo from your last licence. However, it’s important that your photo still looks like you, so you may want to update it from time to time.

The best time to update your photo is prior to relicensing, as when you relicense, a new ID card is automatically printed using the photo we have on file.

If you are relicensing using a paper application, you can attach a physical photo to the application form and send them in together.

When relicensing online, you will need to email or post the photo to us before you relicense online – allowing 10 working days for processing.

If you want a new ID card with a new photo before your annual relicensing round, you will need to pay the $50 replacement fee. If you combine updating your photo with relicensing, there is no extra charge as a new ID card is included.

Make sure the ID photo is right

The photo you provide needs to meet a range of requirements. We recommend aiming for the same standard as a passport photo to ensure it will be accepted. Some of the requirements include:

  • high quality in colour – black and white photos are not acceptable
  • ratio of 3:4 – width to height
  • sized between 45–50 mm high and 35–40 mm wide for printed photos
  • between 50 KB and 5 MB in size and JPEG or JPG file format for digital photos
  • taken with a clear, light-coloured background
  • even lighting so that there are no shadows on your face
  • undamaged – no ink, staples, pins, paper clips or folds
  • showing your face, head and shoulders looking directly at the camera
  • no hat, sunglasses or other accessories that obscure your face
  • no signs of alteration.

Pharmacies, PostShops and photograph printers may offer ID or passport photo services where they take your photo and provide you with printed and emailed copies. These services may be helpful if you are unsure how to take a photo that will meet the requirements. A passport quality photo will meet all the requirements for an LBP ID.

A digital photo is fine

You can send in a digital photo to use on your ID card as long as it meets the requirements above. Currently, there is no facility to upload a photo when relicensing through the online portal. To update the photo we have on file, email it to us at

Ensure you include your LBP number and a request to update your photo. You will need to allow time for your email to be processed before you relicense to ensure the photo on file is updated before your next ID card is printed.

Tell us if your name changes

If your name has changed it will need to be updated on your ID card and in the public register. To notify us that your name has changed, please fill in the Personal Details and Replacement ID form. We may require certified legal documentation that your name has been changed.

The Personal Details and Replacement ID form (PDF) is available on the LBP website Just enter “replacement ID form” in the Search field at top right of web page.